Small groups

Join our Small Groups!

Small Groups are an essential part of MICC. Both the Scriptures and experience teach us that the most significant life change happens within the context of a small community of people who use their gifts and life experiences to encourage, challenge, and serve one another. Meetings are usually held in homes and focus on developing relationships with one another through personal sharing, Bible study, prayer, and conversation most relevant to our lives.

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The following map provides location of different small groups. By clicking on the marker, you will see some more info about day of the week and time the group meets.

If you are interested to join a small group let us know via the following form:

    Munich E. Family Small GroupMen's Very Early Bible StudyWomen's Bible StudyTheresien Small GroupSouth East Small GroupRotkreuzplatz Small GroupFreising Small GroupUnterhaching Small GroupGrosshadern/Graefelfing Small GroupGilching/NeuAubing GroupFasanerie Small Group