Who we are

Our church family includes people from over 50 different nations of the world. Despite of such a cultural and ethnic diversity, we are united in our faith in Jesus Christ. Many of those who worship with us are here on a short-term basis, yet we also have many internationals and Germans who are long term residents in Munich. We are thankful and excited for the opportunity to share our faith and serve in such a diverse English-speaking community. We seek to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and rejoice seeing so many people moved and shaped trough God and our fellowship.

What we believe

We believe that God has called all Christians to true biblical unity. Therefore, from our founding, we have sought to find a common ground of doctrine and truth on which all Christians can unite. MICC is not affiliated with any denomination and is open for everyone who wants to develop and sustain a personal relationship to God. As evangelical Christians we accept wholeheartedly the revelation of God given in the Old and New Testament and expressed in such historic statements of the Christian Church as the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.

Church Leadership

The activities of the church, such as Sunday worship, are conducted by elders, deacons, and many volunteers who fulfill a wide range of tasks. The elders are responsible to maintain the vision and direction of the church and teach, protect, and lead the congregation in spiritual and practical needs. As is evident from biblical requirements (1.Timothy 3, Titus1), they are trustworthy men of godly character and are regularly elected by the members of the congregation. The pastor is among the body of elders and serves full-time with a particular focus on teaching, discipleship, and preaching in the Sunday Service.

Deacons in MICC serve the church community in many practical ways and support the elders in administrative tasks. They organize the setup for the Sunday services, coordinate various ministries and facilitate small group meetings during the week. They also help manage the finances and other resources of the church, ensuring that they are used responsibly and in accordance with the needs and values of the congregation.

Our elders

Luke Stannard (Pastor)
Ryan Hoselton (Associate Pastor)
David Stobbe
Philipp Meinecke
David Rodriguez
Emmanuel Rumbos