Sunday service

Sunday Service

3:30 PM | Mozartstraße 12 | Munich

Church Service

Every Sunday we gather for worship in singing, prayer, proclaiming and hearing God’s Word, and serving our international fellowship. Our musical worship uses a blend of contemporary songs and traditional hymns led by singers and instruments. We have a wonderful variety of worship traditions from different countries which we blend in our service to the glory of God. The Lord’s Supper is observed on the first Sunday of each month.

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The sermon is usually of an expository nature. We study a book of the Bible or a certain topic in a series of sermons. The aim is to enable every attendee to gain an in-depth understanding of the Scripture and a grasp of its relevance to everyday life. 

The service is followed by a time of fellowship over coffee and cakes (if possible with current regulations) and some groups go for dinner in town. This is a good opportunity for newcomers and guests to get to know the Church better.

Sunday School

In the first part of the Church service, the children are staying with their parents in the congregation for worship. During the sermon, we offer a dedicated Sunday School program for kids of different age groups. Parents with babies can follow the church service in the nursery room behind the auditorium.

It is important for parents to know that their children are being cared for. Hence, we give our best to provide a warm, accepting, and safe environment where children can relax and be loved, enabling them to grow in the understanding of Scripture and their relationship to God.

We desire to have both men and women teaching in every group for proper role modeling as we seek to reach the whole child (intellect, emotions, and will) through Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and play.

If you are joining with children for the first time, please let us know that we can plan accordingly and provide you with important information.

No more registration for Sunday service is required!

You do not need any 2G/3G certificate to participate
in the Sunday Service.

Please refrain from participating if you have had symptoms associated with SARS Cov2 in the last few days.

Sunday Service at 3:30 pm

Mozartstraße 12 | 80336 München

Public Transport: U3 | U6 or Bus 58 | 68 Goetheplatz